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Anyone, anywhere can book a private consultation with Karuna. Whether you need direction in your yoga practice, advice on nutrition and health, or guidance in your quest toward a healthier lifestyle, Karuna is available to address your needs.

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One Hour Session with Karuna – $154.00

Two Hour Session with Karuna – $308.00


From Luci:

Karuna’s recipe for this bath was heaven on earth.  It left me feeling clean, soft and completely relaxed. I slept like a baby.  A wonderful gift to myself on my 61st birthday. Thank you, Karuna.

From Tina:

In kundalini yoga, I’ve learned that when the student is ready the teacher shows up.

It was 2010. Things in my life were dark and overwhelming. And I met Karuna.

Her wisdom, guidance, grace, compassion and humor changed my life, forever. I am still integrating all that she taught me and continues to teach me.

Her teaching is so much deeper than yoga — she has influenced my community and my family. She has taught me that there is a way through every block, and that sometimes keeping up is all it takes to get thought the rough patches. Her amazing insight has fueled my love of mediation and chanting….and helped to create it as a profound part of my life.

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to join Karuna in India for the celebration of 11/11 on the banks of Mata Ganga — which blew my heart wide open and influenced my life onward into the light.

My connection to Karuna and my willingness to accept her guidance has created a wealth of abundance and joy and I continue to share this with my family and friends and together we are blessed.
~Tina Scala, April 5, 2019 from her 50th birthday party

And from Mike:


Thank you for the amazing partnering on Saturday. Wow!!

It was quite special to see the deep feminine power you accessed, and the magic that generated in the room and for Tina. I also loved how you and Dawnia connected, and it really brought out the deepest in her. 🙏

Overall I think we did a superb job of partnering (a few minor glitches aside) and I would love to partner again if an opportunity arises.

Thanks for the invitation to spend time with you at your place. It would be great to talk more about what each of us does and how we might make more magic in the future. 💖

My schedule has finally settled down, so please let me know a few good times so I can coordinate with Dawnia so we three can spend time together.
Looking forward. Big love,
~Mike, April 9, 2019 from the Mike Cohen Band, Kirtan