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Karuna makes the gifts of The Yoga of Awareness accessible to anyone. Karuna’s insight and advice will help you discover, learn and deepen your practice. Enjoy these short blogs and videos to jump start your practice.

Braiding Sweetgrass

So I want to talk about sharing the “opening up” aspect of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, showing up, linking up, lifting up, and opening up.

That’s seven. If we are talking about the last few days of July, which is the aura, and the video below that we have posted for you today, how to brighten the aura, will conclude the aspect of the seventh body, or the seventh chakra, which is the aura, the auric field. This field, this electro-magnetic field, this energetic field, you will clear with the video below. You will recognize that we are braiding sweetgrass here. Which is the title of a book I am reading: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. This book speaks exactly about opening up, listening to the indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants.

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🌷Being A Fresh Review on Light 🌷

Dear Friends,

“What constitutes a review?”

Master of Wisdom, Alice A. Bailey

“a. What in my estimation would constitute a reviewing of my day with the idea of Light predominating?

b. In a review, am I asked to redo or re-experience, or should I assume the attitude of the onlooker who stands ‘steady in the Light’?”

Where is is that our deepest compassion can come in for each other?

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Heart Opening Kriya

Dear Friends,

Open Your Heart: Let LOVE IN! Open your Heart let love flow.. open your mind for your soul, open your mind for the real love you are! Love can be your life! Stay on your way…what is the feeling of love, how does it feel? Love can be your love! STAY on your way send love to your body! Send love…Real love! Real love, real love, send love to your body. Open your heart, what is the feeling of real love, send it.

Sat Nam


Happy Spring Time from the Rockies!

My Dear Friend,

Sat Nam and Happy Spring time from the Rockies!

I was recently taken by these descriptions from H. H. the Dalai Lama’s current book The Universe in a Single Atom.  In my new book forthcoming from Light on Light Press this summer I write extensively about Yoga Cosmology.  Indeed, all that His Holiness says below is “spot on” with the millennial views of our great Yoga traditions, so I want to share it.  The only thing to clarify is that, in the context of our Yogic journey, “destruction” below means the destruction of our false/ oego self which prevents us from the freedom and happiness of Awakened life– which is our birthright:

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OK, Lighten Up!

Welcome my friend,

To my Altar! My safe haven, my hearth of restoration, my offerings 🙏 Where we build and grow and let go together, one baby step at a time. Family and friends sitting, chanting, praying, writing around this fire over the years has brought great peace and conversations shared. Burning old and bringing in New Moon Energy! New beginnings.

We work mostly in our subconscious reactive behaviors, and every morning, we can change these behaviors, calling on Guru Nanak Japji, the sacred song of the soul. 30th Pauri: some speak of the divine, maya, as the one who gave birth to the three deities: The Creator, The Destroyer, The Sustainer.

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Subagh Kriya

Dear Friend,

Anything we do 40 days in a row will change a habit, Sat Nam. Here is a super healing kriya for PROSPERITY, good health, a happy life.

It seems to keep moving, shifting, growing, awakening into what seems permanently a change and then voila: letting go of this too. WOW…how to keep up?!

Which speaks personally to me in the manner of keeping the truth unfolding in all in which is to arrive, yet not speculating or waiting for this or that, loving what is! Miracles.

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A Spontaneous Generosity of Heart

Dear Friend.

As we develop through the stages of our growth, we encounter several types of teachers. Of course, we have many instructors and many teachers in the various arts of living. But we have five primary teachers and stages of learning that forge a deep relationship with our Self. In order to have an authentic relationship, we must find our Self. We need to experience our spirit, gain a concept of it and test our Self so we can trust in our caliber and in our connection to the Infinite. Without this we rely on every possible substitute and form a false core of relationships.

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Happy Love Day Happy Valentines Day!

Dearest Community,

Happy Valentines Day dear Ones! ❤️ I know we are doing so much better now having completed our 4 workshops on Housekeeping! Wow! I am grateful to feel refreshed and renewed! We will start a new series on Saturday stay tuned!

So on this day I offer you some heartfelt Sufi poetry from a dear SOUL in Istanbul, waheguru, so blessed to receive thank you! Seen and unseen you are right here in my heart ❤️❤️

Love to you all,

Sat Nam