Costa Rica Retreat 2019

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November 30 to December 7, 2019

Light On Kundalini is delighted to invite you to our 2019 Costa Rica Retreat lead by Karuna, an Academy Member of the Kundalini Research Institute.

Join us for a week of deep spiritual exploration in the serene and beautiful surrounds of the Blue Spirit Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica. Blue Spirit has been named a Yoga Journal Best Yoga Escape 2017.



We will be breaking down the walls of resistance by going deeper into peace and tranquility through meditation. Inviting new relationships into your life or restoring old relationships into abundance with yourself, your partner, your family. Great for couples.

Finding the balance between where you think you have done enough and going past the false WALLS that keep us in FEAR, we want to welcome the new beginnings everyday!

WE have all created these imaginary walls that “force quit” us before we break through!  Yet we have to allow the tenderness to do so and acknowledge the walls which we have built around ourselves.  We all live in a Sanctuary of Peace!

We need to ask the question daily:  “can I press through and break down the WALLS?”  The answer is clearly YES!

On this retreat we will offer you tools to continually vibrate the frequencies that will assist you in limitless flow. You will relish these times we spend on the beach, floating in the natural waters and feeling the digestive juices of compassion.  

Understanding that Kundalini Yoga and meditation along with Rebirthings and Gong workshop work quickly to rejuvenate, regenerate and reorganize us back to our original blue print, our authentic voice: our sound current, our HEART which is the Truest ART of ALL!


The Program

The week will include in-depth exploration of the technology of Kundalini Yoga for re-rooting, rest and restoration of the Complete Self from the stresses of daily life. You’ll develop a fulfilling everyday discipline, creating devotional practice with Sadhana at the ambrosial hour, meditation and chanting, and conscious walking on the ocean front, experiencing deep immersion into the Soul!

For convenience and maximum benefit, sessions include emphases for both relative beginners and seasoned practitioners.

Elements will include principles of meditation with yoga asana, breath work and swimming.

Karuna will also offer coaching concerning lifestyle (nutrition, exercise, wellness) and well-being and happiness.

Our daily experience will include:

    • Sunrise Sadhana overlooking the ocean as the day dawns
    • Refreshing fruits and juices, and a bountiful breakfast
    • Morning Workshop with Karuna
    • Fresh and nurturing lunch
    • Afternoon Workshop with Karuna
    • Time to explore Costa Rica or relax at the resort
    • Savory and restorative supper
    • Gourmet vegetarian cuisine
    • Bonfire on the beach Sunday, under the Full Moon
    • Evening program with Karuna on Monday
    • Wednesday is free for your own exploration & fun

The retreat is open to all levels of practice and experience. Families are welcome!


About Nosara
Nosara offers many wonderful, life affirming activities and experiences for the whole family! Whether you enjoy swimming, surfing, paddleboarding, Zip-lines, or Eco-tourism, Nosara has it all. Please visit the links below for suggestions.


Retreat Package, Rates and Room Options

All rates include workshops, nutritious vegetarian cuisine prepared from fresh local produce and grains, and sleeping accommodations. Prices are per person, single or double occupancy. For complete room descriptions and photographs, visit Accommodations at Blue Spirit’s website.


Room / Description Single Double
Superior Ocean View with A/C $3400 $2775
Ocean View with A/C $3075 $2575
Nature Suite Cottage with A/C $2875 $2400
Hermitage Single $2570 NA


Reserve Your Room Today –

Select your room choice from the drop-down menu and click on “Buy Now.”

This will take you to a payment option page for PayPal or Credit Card. If you wish to write a check, please contact Karuna at for a mailing address. If you have other questions, please call our office at 303-803-0159.

Please note: reservations are non-refundable.


Travel Details
Plan to arrive on Saturday, November 30, 2019. The retreat will begin with dinner and orientation that evening. Wednesday will be a free day to enjoy the local sights and activities on your own. The retreat ends on Saturday, December 7, after breakfast.

You can fly into Liberia International Airport and the Blue Spirit Resort can help to arrange a 2-hour shuttle transportation to the retreat center from there. San Jose International Airport is also an option – you may find more non-stop and cheaper options flying into San Jose, but it is about a 5-hour drive from Blue Spirit. For complete travel and planning information, please visit Planning Your Visit at

Testimonials from our retreat

From Tina:

In kundalini yoga, I’ve learned that when the student is ready the teacher shows up.


It was 2010. Things in my life were dark and overwhelming. And I met Karuna.


Her wisdom, guidance, grace, compassion and humor changed my life, forever. I am still integrating all that she taught me and continues to teach me.


Her teaching is so much deeper than yoga — she has influenced my community and my family. She has taught me that there is a way through every block, and that sometimes keeping up is all it takes to get thought the rough patches. Her amazing insight has fueled my love of mediation and chanting….and helped to create it as a profound part of my life.


In 2011, I was fortunate enough to join Karuna in India for the celebration of 11/11 on the banks of Mata Ganga — which blew my heart wide open and influenced my life onward into the light.


My connection to Karuna and my willingness to accept her guidance has created a wealth of abundance and joy and I continue to share this with my family and friends and together we are blessed.
~Tina Scala

And from Mike:



Thank you for the amazing partnering on Saturday. Wow!!


It was quite special to see the deep feminine power you accessed, and the magic that generated in the room and for Tina. I also loved how you and Dawnia connected, and it really brought out the deepest in her. 🙏


Overall I think we did a superb job of partnering (a few minor glitches aside) and I would love to partner again if an opportunity arises.


Thanks for the invitation to spend time with you at your place. It would be great to talk more about what each of us does and how we might make more magic in the future. 💖


My schedule has finally settled down, so please let me know a few good times so I can coordinate with Dawnia so we three can spend time together.


Looking forward…

Big love

And finally, from Nancy:

For a positive, life-changing experience, attend Karuna’s one-week Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica. The retreat is held at the Blue Spirit Lodge near Nosara, Costa Rica.


Blue Spirit is situated on beautiful grounds overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The carefully prepared food is fresh, organic, full of prana and absolutely delicious. Try the 5-day body cleanse for a super charge of energy while eliminating toxins. The combination of the cleansing and nutritional food works wonders for the mind, body and soul. Bring a body brush to stimulate circulation, and almond oil to lubricate the skin.


Sadhana begins promptly at 4:30 a.m. Jai-Jagdesh sings beautifully through Morning Call. The Howler Monkeys in trees nearby
join in our chanting at sunrise, and you feel totally connected to nature. The Sky Mind yoga studio looks out over the vast Pacific Ocean and large moon-shaped cove. The constant sounds of breaking waves caress and nurture the soul. The surrounding hills are covered with vegetative growth typical of a tropical jungle. Birds soar on air currents nearby.

Two additional yoga studios are immersed in nature with natural ravines running along side. A rugged path leads down to an expansive private beach. Gentle waves glide over a sandy bottom, and outcroppings of rock are low and smooth.


A delicious breakfast of fruits, cereals and homemade bread follows Sadhana. After a short rest, we meet at the beach for breathwalk along the ocean shore. Another quick break, and it’s back to yoga for a two hour intensive Kundalini yoga session of kriyas to awaken and strengthen the chakras, nadis and meridians, and meditation to encourage a state of shunia. A healthy vegetarian lunch follows.


In the early afternoon, one can relax by the pool or beach, wander through the amazingly beautiful grounds and trails, catch up on reading, e-mail, or nap. On a free day, try zip-lining near Nosara, boasting the highest zip-line in the world. The views are spectacular and it’s pure fun. A visit to a cascading waterfall is also included on the tour.

Another rigorous 2-hour kriya set in the late afternoon burns off lunch and prepares your appetite for dinner. Karuna has carefully prepared sets of energetic kriyas to progress through the 8 chakras and 10 light bodies, and focuses on one specific area each day, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Karuna holds the space beautifully and meditations are truly uplifting. Clarity brings focus and purpose.


At dinner we reflect on the day and share our thoughts and experiences. Each day we notice each other appearing more relaxed, as the skin begins to glow and the eyes grow brighter. We are healthy, happy and holy and feel good inside and out. We are blessed for the experience.


Our retreat comes to an end and we depart with committed friendships and hope to meet again next year. This is truly a beautiful experience on many levels. We are grateful to Yogi Bhajan for sharing his teachings of scientific formulas of Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations, tapping into the divine energy and protection of all yogis who have gone
before us, as well as those who are to follow. In particular, we are grateful to Karuna for her exhaustive, careful planning to make this week an unforgettable experience. We love you, Karuna. And we love you, Jai-Jagdesh. Both of you are totally awesome!


The Blue Spirit websites says “The important thing is to strive towards a goal which is not immediately visible. That goal is not the concern of the mind, but of the spirit.”


In the spirit of love and appreciation,

Hardayal Kaur (a/k/a Nancy Ward)