Costa Rica Retreat 2022

Simply back to yoga – finding peace and joy

December 10 to 17, 2022

Light On Kundalini is delighted to invite you to our 11th annual Costa Rica Retreat led by Karuna, an Academy Member of the Kundalini Research Institute.

“Earth, mother of the oceans, holds her waters in her womb. A mermaid of the ancients follows the ebbs and tides of the moon.” ~Cher Lyn

The true gift of ebb and flow is suppleness. All fluids move gracefully, elegantly, and smoothly. Imagine the movement of water through a river. Once you trust the river, suddenly you start enjoying. Water freely shapes and reshapes to fit its containers, always maintaining a perfect fit. The integrity of the fluid does not change, just its form. Inflexibility is fear ridden and doubtful, the rigidness comes from the head and creates troubled seas in the soul. Resistant and unwilling thoughts from the head always says you why you shouldn’t go on. Your heart will always know what to do, flow from your heart as you clear out your body, computer, consciousness. In order to assess higher levels.

The medicine of this retreat will bring us understanding that sometimes the tide must go out before it can come in. Sound simple? But when you frame your emotional life with it, it might mean that you must let go of something so something better or more appropriate may come in.

Join us for a week of deep spiritual exploration in the serene and beautiful surrounds of the Blue Spirit Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica. Blue Spirit was rated one of the best yoga escapes by Yoga Journal in 2017.

Blue Spirit is mindful of the current health conditions and has issued guidelines and protocols which can be read here.

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Ongoing Sessions

  • Tuesday 9 – 10 AM
  • Thursday 9 – 10 AM

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We cannot get to where we want to go where are hearts are leading us to go without allowing deeper patterns to change!

We cannot get to where we want to go where are hearts are leading us to go without allowing deeper patterns to change! These specific meditations allow for changes in the subconscious.Less and less come back to repeat, eventually you become awakened to glimpses of what life looks like through your personal activity of your vision, your love, your generosity and self discovery! Life changing meditation that take 1 hour of your day!

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