Refresh, Re-set, Re-birth

This Re-Birthing is an incredible opportunity to hit the re-set button and re-organize your spiritual and worldly life. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation guided by Karuna with live Kirtan from Mike Cohen (vocals and harmonium) and Ken Matarazzo (percussion). Join us for a 2-hour transformative experience guaranteed to light up your deep Heart!

This stunning venue is located in GOLD HILL (not Boulder) and can be tricky to find without specific instructions. Please reach out to Karuna at 310-918-4764 or, or Mike at 720-600-8377 or for directions!

WHAT: Refresh, Re-set, Re-birth
WHEN: Saturday, July 20 from 10am-Noon
WHERE: #1050 Pine Gold Hill St, Boulder, CO 80302-4023, United States
TICKETS: $35 in advance, $45 at the door. Register at

Karuna shares the treasured teachings of Kundalini yoga twit students in Boulder, and all over the world. True to her spiritual name, which means “compassion,” Karuna likens herself to a coach, helping her students push beyond self-imposed limits. Her classes are filled with humor, music and the spirit of transformation.

Mike Cohen is a devoted Kirtan Leader whose music blends Eastern mantra and Western grooves in an intoxicating manner Yoga Chicago Magazine called “inspiring, addictive and highly-chantable”. Founder of the Boulder, CO based Kirtan Leader Institute, since 2010 Mike has trained and apprenticed hundreds of Kirtan Leaders from total beginners to those who tour, play festivals and create albums. More at

Light on Shakti : A Women’s Sanctuary

The Awakened Women

Coming to you August 17th, 2019
Light on Shakti : A Women’s Sanctuary 8:30-5:30 PM
Caroline Ashley ( Karuna ) & Jeanie Manchester collaborating in this day long retreat:
Reserve your spot here:…/light-on-shakti-a-yo…

The Rise of Kundalini Shakti for the Everyday Woman

Join Jeanie Manchester & Karuna for a day long exploration of Kundalini and the potential it holds for each of us as women living in the world, raising children, work, relationships and our ability to access our gifts and talents. Ultimately the embrace of the sacred masculine and feminine will create more stability and freedom of expression to create,evolve and bring about planetary healing.

Kirtan & Kundalini: The Sacred Dance Workshop with Karuna and Mike Cohen & The Shakti Groove

Sunday, August 18, 1:30-5:30pm.

at the beautiful

3476 Sunshine Canyon Dr
Boulder, CO 80302

This experiential workshop combines cutting edge practices & insights from the worlds of Kundalini Yoga + Bhakti Yoga that will guide you into the deeper spiritual, psychological, shadow, physical, emotional and devotional aspects of your self. Come to practice Kundalini Yoga, chant, open your heart and go deep into ALL of who you truly are.

TICKETS: $108 in advance, $125 at the door.
REGISTER online at

“Light on Shiva/Shakti ” A Yogini’s Awakening 200 Hour Sacred Flow Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Join Jeanie Manchester and Karuna

“Light on Shiva-Shakti”

A Yogins Awakening; 200 hour Teachers Training in Sacred Flow

Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga

“The Time of The Lone Wolf is Over “

The dark ages: the ancient yogins called “The Kali Yuga” a time of misera, confusion and demise where things are horribly mixed up; politics are corrupt and we face environmental devastation like never before. Women are fighting for the voice of equality in body, mind and speech. She no longer is willing to leave her human form to hide in the safe confines of nature as is told over and over again in the yogic mythic lore. While the devastating reality of these dark ages cannot be denied, there is evidence that we are indeed at the precipice of the age of truth : The Sat Yuga. We see this in the Womens’ movement today as well as the “blessed unrest “ in communities rising up together to find creative solutions to the countless challenges we face in the modern world. Men, also are looking for guidance in how to recognize the feminine within themselves. Ultimately yoga is the marriage of both masculine and feminine energies within our subtle body. We are at a time in history where the healing of our planet depends on each and every human being’s committment to waking up. This means we need the proper tools to help awaken us to our highest potential: our most potent capacities. We must overcome our feelings of unworthiness, doubt and insecurity as well as pride and greed. Its time of RADICAL CONFRONTATION with the way we separate from each other. We go to battle with our ego’s and face the ways we have not been present in life. We must come together, collaborate and learn from one another in order to evolve and shift the old ways of patriarchy. To raise your vibration and peel away the layers of inhibiting beliefs, doubt, and shame is Yoga’s great promise. With proper guidance and practices every human being can learn to harness their potential; step into gifts, and talents and energy for life. The feminine is rising, there is no doubt about it and its time to integrate both masculine and feminine energies within our subtle bodies. This has always been the meaning of yoga: to yolk, to merge, to comingle and as a result heal, so we can stand up more firmly in our selves. To take your seat as a human worthy of your gifts and talents is what we are here to do. In that process of upleveing our creativity we heal our selves and as a result have the energy to create and transform and contribute to planetary healing. We are “over the moon” excited to say that this training is revolutionary as two lineages merge to create something new, something profound, something radical and real. We heal the divisive parts of ourselves when we open to seeing and experiencing in more than one way. This is why we are collaborating in a radical way to shift consciousness rapidly. The time is now

Your Teachers:

Jeanie Manchester Jeanie Manchester is the founder of Anjaneya Yoga Shala in Boulder, CO. She is an (E-RYT500 Instructor and Anusara certified).   She draws on 30 years of dedicated practice and teaching. Jeanie created Sacred Flow, her signature vinyasa classes rooted in meditation, bhakti chant, storytelling, mantra, mudra, meditation and the art of living a daily practice on and off the mat. Her students love her heart based, friendly style of intuitive mentoring and teaching. She is a dedicated senior student of Neelakantha meditation and is an Acharya offering personal initiation into Neelakantha Meditation Practice. She is also a student of the Sri Vidya Goddess tradition of South India. under the guidance of her teacher Douglas Brooks. She offers 200/300 HR Teacher Sacred Flow Trainings, and travels the globe offering retreats in wonderous places. Jeanie’s inspiration and influence stems from a strong lineage of celebrated teachers, including Dr. Douglas BrooksSally KemptonRichard FreemanJohn Friend and Paul Muller-Ortega

Karuna ( Caroline Ashley) Karuna travels the world sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan: Kundalini Yoga.  A recognized “Friend” of the United Nations committee for the International Day of Yoga (IDY), Karuna is host editor of Light on Light Magazine, a major publication on spiritual practice and inspired lifestyle which, annually, publishes a special issue with the UN Committee for the IDY: and Karuna has taught in America and abroad and is known for her universalizing of the gifts of the great Yoga traditions in a global multi-faith context and her attention to the importance of inspired lifestyle.   Yogi Bhajan indentified three core goals for realization and transformation:  to know, to understand, and to realize. His life of teaching created a sacred legacy, a vision for a new age of consciousness, the “Age of the Sensory Human”.  Yogi Bhajan did not come to collect students but to create the teachers of who will love, serve, hold and uplift humanity.

Karuna (Caroline Ashley) and Jeanie Manchester have been teaching in Boulder for 3 decades and are thrilled to be offering a fusion of Sacred Flow Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga Training.

*200 hour Yoga Alliance approved

Date: weekend modules Jan 9-12, January 9-12, February 7-9, Feb12 ( Special class with Wah)

March 12-15, April 16-19, May 16-17, June 11-14.

Time : 9-6 PM ( some days we will meet for early morning sadhana and other days may start later)

Place: Jeanie’s Boulder studio 1480 Violet Ave Boulder, Co 80304

Karuna’s studio ( weather permitting) Gold Hill, Colorado


History of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga, Anatomy, Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, Asana, Pranayama


  • Come to better understand the story you wish to tell through your body. heart, mind and vocation.

  • Learn to teach Vinyasa, Sacred Flow & Restorative Yoga

  • Learn to teach pranayama and meditation

  • Learn to teach “Sacred Flow “peak pose sequencing, myth,mantra, mudra

  • Alignment principles for accessing our central channel and esoteric anatomy

  • The Art of the demonstration

  • Observation skills & Assisting

  • Masculine and Feminine Verbal skills

  • Teach to beginners, all levels, intermediate

  • Applied anatomy specific to teaching yoga


  • Take a journey into ancient myths and how you become each character in a story.

  • Tap into your shadow and transform negative thoughts and beliefs.

  • Learn powerful and transformational myths and how to embody them through postures, and peak pose sequencing. So much fun and empowering.


Jeanie and Karuna believe in daily sadhana practices and self sufficiency

Deepen, renew or begin a personal practice in meditation and asana.

Every teacher of yoga needs their own practice !


  • Meditation has the power to reveal your shadows and optimize your gifts.

  • Deepen into the power of meditation to transform your life.

  • Seasonal sadhana practices for your well being

  • Experience a variety of pranayama (breathing techniques) Feel More energy!!

  • Tap into the vibrational power of chant and its benefical ways of shifting consciousness.


  • Become aware of contractions, inhibitions and shadow aspects that prevent you from moving forward.

  • Reclaim the joy you are meant to be!

  • Mythic lore and its importance in your life.

  • Nutrtional diet

  • Ayurvedic lifetsyle & Kundalini Yoga Lifestyle daily practices

  • Conscious communications

  • Re-birthing sessions with Karuna


Investment Options:

$3300 Early Bird

$3500 After November 15th

Mail check to: Light on Kundalini LLC, 1050 Pine Gold Hill St, Boulder, CO 80302

Venmo: @Caroline-Ashley-2

BrightStar Events – 5% Fee

PayPal: Link Coming Soon – 3% Fee

PayPal Payment Plan: Link Coming Soon – 3% Fee

Costa Rica Retreat 2019

A Practical Yogic Lifestyle – Personalized Diet, Nutrition, Health, Balance, Vitality, Relationships, Joy and Happiness

November 30 to December 7, 2019

Light On Kundalini is delighted to invite you to our 2019 Costa Rica Retreat lead by Karuna, an Academy Member of the Kundalini Research Institute.

Join us for a week of deep spiritual exploration in the serene and beautiful surrounds of the Blue Spirit Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica. Blue Spirit has been named a Yoga Journal Best Yoga Escape 2017.


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Rebirth, Refill, Renew!

Ongoing Sessions
Saturdays 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Gold Hill

A new series exploring essential meditation practices for cultivating a Radiant Heart and Body-Mind of Awakened Light. Along with a light yoga practice, you’ll feel the Radiant Body alive and awake!

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