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Many people have been able to manifest significant changes in their lives through the practice of Kundalini yoga. We would like to share with you some of the positive responses  sent to us by members of our Yoga of Awareness community.

The Family: Unlocking Information

In all places, my first class with Karuna was at Rally sport. Our family has a daily Kundalini practice and when we moved to Boulder we joined Rally’s because of how greatly fulfilled we were with Karuna’s class and the sauna. We attended many of her classes at Rally’s but when she started to offer the Yoga Ceremony Rebirthing Classes at her lovely mountain retreat, we look forward to attend these as a family. Karuna has a very loving and welcoming presence that makes everything ok. We had gone through a traumatic experience as a family and she always let us know we were loved, welcomed, and supported in her community. She is not just a yoga teacher. She is a master level facilitator of the wisdom of this practice and of Divine Love. 20+ years ago I experienced a car wreck and was in a coma for 7 days. Over the years, I have tried many different healing modalities, ceremonies, and other alternative ways not only to heal but to help me unlock my memory of being in the coma. It was in one of her Rebirthing Ceremonies, with the gong, that I finally unlocked the memory and was able to remember the places I had traveled and the very valuable and pertinent information I had gathered. This is a huge blessing in my life to be able to have access to this information and come full circle for the experience. I am forever grateful to have my path cross with Karuna’s and Light on Kundalini and I strongly encourage everyone who is interested in continuing their path to show up, clean up, and grow up to be involved in her offerings. Karuna is a blessing a true gift to my family and this world.


Jody: Kundalini is a Dear Friend

I was in your classes at Rally a number of years ago. Not sure if you remember me but you gave the prayer beads from your India trip to my daughter Dakota (she still has them and treasures them!!). She was two at the time and is now eight!!  I’m writing because I hear your voice as inspiration in my head often in kundalini classes and wanted to share with you my deep gratitude for you as my first kundalini teacher!! Kundalini was a dear friend to me during that time as I was working to get out of a very difficult relationship and the technology changed my life!  I had promised myself those years ago that I would get my teacher training.

I’m currently in day four of my kundalini teacher training with Gurmukh and continue to hear your voice through the Golden chain!!! Thank you! Sat nam!


Omar: Love is Connectedness

How did we all get so lucky?
You never know when universe is going to push you off the cliff.
I am still trying to GROCK what happened.
Each one with unique story. By end of the week the love was flowing amongst all of us was like the river on a down hill course. Smooth unobstructed spontaneous flow of thoughts words and actions unmediated by anyone’s conditioned mind like it flows in a loving family amongst children and parents. Everyone willing to do anything for another person.
Totally unexpected transformation that occurred at cellular level unbeknown to me, just sneaked in or seeped in.
Experiential transformation was different from philosophical transformation that I have experienced from my readings and other philosophical conferences.
That experience was transformational and it is like it opened up my heart.
There is this calmness.
Now when someone says how was the retreat? I say, ‘the retreat was…’ Then stop. That is it. No way to describe.
It was transformation that was not mechanical or technique-based. It was cellular.
It opened the heart. It was like falling in love. Now that heart has experienced joy it seeks that experience in every interaction. It is realization of the connectedness of all beings that we all experienced by end of the retreat.

Knowing that GOD IS A METAPHOR for expressing connectedness of all beings in this universe is the greatest freedom.


Nancy: Kundalini Enhances My Life

“As both a student and teacher of yoga for many years, I was thrilled to find Karuna and Kundalini Yoga classes at Rally Sport. Kundalini is very different from other yogas, and what makes this particular class so attractive for me is Karuna herself.

With a delightful sense of humor, she presents us with kriyas and meditations of an ancient discipline, the teachings of which help me to navigate the challenges present in a modern world. The effects are profound, quick, and far-reaching: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. After the second class, I began sleeping better; my body composition started to change; my strength increased; my stress decreased; I felt a level of calm that I had forgotten existed.

Daily, I bring the same discipline and compassion she teaches in class to my professional and personal relationships and endeavors. I have challenged myself to overcome chronic injuries that left me side-lined for the last few years, and even used some of the mantras to increase my self-discipline and generate new personal-bests in swimming and interval training.

So the real gift from both Karuna and Kundalini, at least for me, is that my practice does not end in the classroom. Rather, the teachings have extended into all aspects of my life, broadening my horizons, and leaving me with a deep sense of serenity, even during the most stressful situations. Thank you, Karuna!”

Vicki: Mantras Are Remarkable Tools

“The mantras I have learned from my Kundalini practice have truly changed my life. When I am under physical or emotional stress I find myself chanting and my whole being becomes much calmer.  The place I notice this the most is when I am in a long running race and feeling that discomfort that comes in any race. When I chant I am able to refocus and quiet my negative mind. I feel so blessed to have found such a remarkable tool that I can use in all aspects of my life from racing to parenting to marriage. It helps me to be a better person.”

Marci: A New Experience in Class

“My practice revealed a bit of a surprise yesterday in class. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. It has always been my experience that my flexibility in the early morning hours is very limited. I assumed the depth of my physical ability could never go deep before noon. Yesterday, I had to dispel this long held belief. I rolled into plow in a way that was more full and whole than anything I have ever experience in an afternoon practice. I wonder, are there any other myths I am presuming to be true? Wahe Guru!”

Ross: A Magical Moment in Costa Rica

“Strangely enough, as I was walking up the long driveway to Blue Spirit, I was in the most serene and peaceful state of mind. Along my journey, God kept giving me little gifts, proving to me that when someone is on his/her spiritual path, the Universe conspires to support him/her.

On my last leg, without yet having drunk water that day, I made my way to Blue Spirit. I had left Nicoya at 4:30am that morning… As I walked past the El Silencio studio, hungry, tired, and thirsty, I literally just STOPPED outside. I heard the most beautiful music. It sounded like a choir of humans, singing in perfect harmony. Perhaps it was a mantra, a chant, or a beautiful song. I closed my eyes, and let the sweet sounds nurture my entire body. I must have stood for 5 or 6 minutes with my eyes closed. I didn’t hear the music, I felt it within every fiber of my body. I stood with my eyes closed and felt warmth and love. I’ll NEVER forget it. In that moment, I was perfectly at ease and in love.

So this may sound weird, but THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you for doing everything you do. In the most serendipitous way, it has made a lasting impact in my life.”