Our shop features one-of-a-kind designs made from unique, natural gemstones that have healing energies.

A Jillijewel creation is accompanied by a hand-written note by the artist describing the energies of the gems used and how they will help awaken us to our highest potential & co-create a more loving, joyful and peaceful existence.

Contact us if you are looking for a piece with a particular gemstone; inventory is always changing.

Turquoise Green Tara Mala

Green Tara is the Buddha of Enlightened Activity. ...MORE INFO

$210 usd

Circle of Life Rose Quartz Mala with Buddha and Pyrite

Expand your Heart Center with this lovely mala. ...MORE INFO

$290 usd

Circle of Life Amethyst Mala with Om

Tune in to absolute consciousness with this Om mala. ...MORE INFO

$330 usd

Circle of Life Cherry Quartz Mala

Cherry Quartz is a powerful healing stone. It relieves anxiety and improves flow of ...MORE INFO

$250 usd

Sonora Sunrise Heart Amulet Necklace

A jillijewels creation. This heart shaped gem is a combination ...MORE INFO

$210 usd

Tantric Mala

Jeweled mala rosary that enhances prayer and bestows protection. ...MORE INFO

$375 usd

Tibetan Turquoise & Coral Earrings

A Jillijewels creation. Tibetan beads with turquoise and red coral ...MORE INFO

$180.00 usd