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We are so excited to share these live classes with you from Guru Prem Singh Khalsa. My offering is to continue to film master classes to help us grow globally aware of the Yogic technology of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

I have filmed all the classes live so that you can interact with the energy of a class experience, the teacher and draw from these videos the awakening of the Kundalini yogic lifestyle and join us in a community of like minded friends and family.

Please also enjoy my interview with Guru Prem which can be found in the “Interviews” subsection.



Featured below are:
3 Videos available for your participation and viewing:

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa – teacher, musician and health practitioner
Gorakhs Kriya
Filmed Live in July 2012, The Star House

Join Guru Prem, posture master, as he demonstrates and teaches the essentials of getting into a yoga posture for Gorakhs Kriya. Experience the state of serenity and surrender. Learn how to align yourself, be present, and feel strong! Guru Prem is also a musician of sacred tantric chants, so sing along, open the voice, chant and sing open heartedly!


GuruPrem: Two Kriyas
Part 1 | 24:04


GuruPrem: Two Kriyas
Part 2 | 18:06


GuruPrem: Two Kriyas
Part 3 | 43:36

GuruPrem: Two Kriyas – Part 1

GuruPrem: Two Kriyas – Part 2

GuruPrem: Two Kriyas – Part 3