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Karuna on Kundalini

In a very personal interview with her son Tom, Karuna discusses her life with Kundalini yoga: her transformation, her transition from student to teacher, and the benefits of teacher training.


Snatam Kaur & Karuna

In Part 1, Snatam discusses her upcoming CD, Heart of the Universe, in which she shares the chants of her morning practice refined over 20 years. She describes the importance of prioritizing the spirit in preparation for your personal sadhana, as well as how children can be incorporated into your practice. She will be sharing her 5 Stages of practice in an upcoming book to be released in the fall of 2014.

In Part 2, Snatam talks about the generation of her beautiful sound current, which she believes originates from her practice of kundalini yoga. The sound current represents a connection with a higher source of energy, and she recognizes it in everyone.

In Part 3, Karuna asks about the power of chanting, and Snatam explains how chanting is the expression of the spirit and the soul, and that each mantra is a medicine. Chanting, like rowing a boat, has the power to churn the waters of your consciousness, calling it forth and working through resistances. Snatam then also discusses the 5th Stage of her practice, connecting with divinity and bringing your practice to a place of service.


Interview with Gurmukh

Beloved teacher Gurmukh opens her conversation with Karuna with prayer. In the most honest way shares her experience of what is “Awakening the Kundalini”. Gurmukh sat at the feet of her teacher Yogi Bhajan for over 40 years.

Gurmukh is loved by all and has inspired everyone she comes in contact with to develop an inner relationship with themselves and realize their destiny!


Interview with Snatam Kaur

Karuna interviews Snatam Kaur in Estes Park, Colorado in 2012.
Snatam Kaur shares her experience on meeting her teacher, Yogi Bhajan, and how music, mantra and sound current affected her life and how it is so actively affecting to heal the Planet. She opens her heart with truth and honesty around her childhood, young adult life and now adulthood, the importance of being a wife, and mother and artist!


Interview with GuruShabd

Karuna talks with GuruShabd, owner of Golden Bridge Yoga, LA, NYC, and Santa Monica.
GuruShabd, husband of Gurmukh, shares his practice with Karuna at The Star House in Boulder, Colorado. He speaks very openly about how to develop a successful Yogic Lifestyle and Business.


Interview with GuruPrem

Guru Prem Singh Khalsa was given the title Posture Master by Yogi Bhajan; he has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 30 years. Guru Prem Shares with Karuna the tools and rules of divine alignment and letting your heart rule. He is the author of three books: Everyday Devotion, The Heart Rules and Divine Alignment