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Healing Grief


It feels like an awakening from a deep unconscious sleep. This life passed us by. Even speaking on levels of past lives and next life. Excuse me, wait, I love this life. It is my teacher now, gratitude. When have we all had chance to change together? Humble thy self before Creator, pray, meditate with each other from all walks of this life. Gratitude: brings manifestation, consciously. Loving kindness, towards all challenge.

Please don’t take for granted our deep gift of healing grief. I am offering you my heart in thIs first module called Healing GriefI ask you take the course as a retreat. Let yourself dive into every word, movement, breath, let your soul shine through. Discover as you uncover, journal all details, thoughts, movements you are generously guided.

Deep Inquiry to be realized finding new language resolving into new solutions through deep transformation. Riding this unique wave of activation will never leave you, it continues to support you as you slowly receive unconditional love through conscious awareness of recognizable change!

Awakening the Ten Bodies


Upcoming Yoga Day Events:
IDY Committee at the UN (June 20)
WUW Yoga Special Event (June 21)

Nurture your direct experience with your Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arc Line, Auric Body, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body with Kundalini Yoga.

A kriya is a sequence of physical movements or postures that often include pranayam (breathwork), mantras (sacred syllables), mudras (hand positions), bandhas (body locks), as well as eye focus and angular positions to awaken, direct and contain the flow of this spiritual energy within.

Click HERE to enjoy this free one hour kriya to Awaken Your Ten Bodies with Karuna, a master yogi who beautifully demonstrates the practice and shares the deep wisdom of kundalini yoga.

Sat Nam 💖