Balinique Breeze Body Scrub

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Fragrance: Fresh Mint
Texture: Loose Powder
Application: Once a Week

  • Cleans and Gently Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells
  • Evens Skin Tone and Texture All Over Your Body
  • Stimulates Blood Circulation for Healthier Looking Skin
  • Combines Nutrients, Enzymes and Proteins
  • Improves Skin Elasticity
  • Tightens Pores for a Smoother Appearance
  • Crisp, Fruity Aroma


Breeze Body Scrub is based on red Asian rice and seaweed agar – a true delicacy for a gourmet. Desserts from those ingredients achieve highest reviews. Your skin will feel the same pleasure by trying tasty body scrub Breeze.

Imagine how coastal waves of the South Pacific caress your ears and fill with vivacity body sliding over the skin and leaving on the surface sunny fragrance. Ocean waters leave fond memories and a wonderful cosmetic effect. Each wave – is a kiss from majestic elements that have a miraculous effect on your beauty and health.

Beneficial effects and delightful pleasures from the ocean waves are now available even at home. To appear in the blink of an eye on a sandy beach in Indonesia or in the shade of palm branches of the Philippines, it is enough to have a jar of Breeze Body Scrub. Product developed on the basis of algae repeats health effect of ocean water, gives unbeatable pleasure and happy bright, fresh aroma. The composition does not contain synthetic preservatives sulfates and chemical dyes – only natural ingredients, presented by a mysterious Asia.

Gently cleanses the skin and polishes it, scrub removes dead skin cells – vanishing dryness, scaling and inflammation. Instead, the skin gets vitality, softness, and elasticity, saturated with nutrients and trace elements.

Its soft texture is ideal for the delicate and sensitive skin.


  • Energized with the aroma, dissolve 2 tablespoons of scrub in warm water.
  • Put minty balm lovingly on the body and massage in a circular motion, paying particular attention to areas of the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.
  • Wash off the scrub and apply a skin moisturizer. Repeat the beauty ritual once a week, every time tripping to hot sand beaches of the Pacific.


Oryza Sativa (Brown Rice) Powder

Red Asian rice – is a storehouse of vitamins for the body. Its crushed husks are tasty, healthy and very nourishing for the skin. It saturates cells with omega fats starch, proteins and many other substances. In particular, red rice is rich in vitamin F, which is responsible for skin elasticity. Also, the rice contains a large number of useful acids: palmitic retains moisture gives the skin softness, improves the protective functions and linolenic acid is a powerful antioxidant which prolongs youth.

Gracilaria sp. Powder

Collected in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, seaweed agar used in the kitchen of the world instead of gelatin. It is used to cook the souffle, ice cream, and marmalade. Agar extract contributes to the penetration of active ingredients that are a part of this cosmetic product into the epidermis and have detoxicating soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. They include – 4% of mineral salts and 80% comes from polysaccharides: in particular glucuronic (the main component of hyaluronic acid) and pyruvic acid (BHA-fat-soluble acid, penetrates the pores sebaceous plugs soften).

Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt)

Salt – is the most popular seasoning, which is essential in many recipes in the world. But as you know, salt differs. If you support the idea of a healthy diet, you probably keep oceanic salt in the kitchen. It not only allows you to prepare delicious and healthy food but also is a source of health for the skin. The composition of oceanic salt is close to the natural salts of the skin, very easy to digest and fills the cells with minerals and trace elements. At the same time, oceanic salt cleans accumulated toxins and gives a natural glow.

Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Fruit Oil

Fennel is often part of the confectionery, rosy pies, puddings and salads. Its oil is used in cosmetics because it has the rare property to restore skin tone. Just before the eyes, it makes a flatter stomach, lifts the bust line and elegantly outlines the hips. Fennel oil makes the skin elastic, smoothes and brightens. Caring for the skin, fennel envelops warm camphor scent, creating a sense of security and tranquility.

Piper Cubeba (Cubeb) Fruit Oil

Indonesian Cubeb, which grows on the islands of Yava Sumatra and Borneo, is ideal for vegetable dishes and seafood. Cubeb oil contains proteins vitamins, which have antiseptic, toning and firming action. They regulate sebum tighten pores reduce inflammation and even the tone. The skin takes on a healthy glow a natural glow. Inhaling the spicy lemon scent cubeb you are immersed in high spirits, revealing creativity and getting a charge of creative energy.

Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Oil

Our skin loves the taste of lemongrass oil – the base for any Asian dish.  Having spice in food, you raise vitality. The same goes for the skin. Lemongrass stimulates the lymphatic system removes toxins improves skin elasticity retains moisture. It should be in the diet of contaminated porous tired skin. Oil “lemongrass” cleans and tightens pores, leveling the terrain and the color problem areas. Candy smell reminds of the morning freshness and vigor that explode with positive expectations for the rest of the day.

Mentha Arvensis (Mint) Oil

Fresh mint leaf – is an elegant decoration for taste and appearance of dishes and drinks! In turn, mint is a generous pantry of health and tone for our skin. First, cooling menthol stimulates blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels.Secondly, the nutrients in the composition of peppermint have an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, provide an optimal balance of moisture and cherish youth. Bright, bold and recognizable mint fragrance cause only positive emotions – it refreshes the mind and sets a cheerful mood.

Melaleuca Leucadendron (Cajuput) Leaf Oil

In order to fully enjoy the taste of the food, you need to have a good appetite! Evergreen tree essential oil of Kayaputa helps awaken it. This Ayurvedic agent comes originally from the Moluccas, Indonesia, and other Pacific territories. With strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties, it promotes active regeneration of the skin. At the heart of eucalyptus, camphor Kayaputa oil some fruit notes are hidden, it perfectly soothes and removes everyday worries.


Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight. The product can be used within 2 years from the date of manufacture.