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Light on Light

Karuna and Light on Light Magazine

Light on Kundalini is pleased to tell you more about Karuna’s three years as Host Editor of the very successful e-magazine Light on Light:  Spiritual Practice and Inspired Lifestyle.  Join us there regularly!

Light on Light is one of the three magazine imprints of the Light on Light Family of Magazines (  All the issues can be found at and are free to read, inform and enjoy!

As noted at “History” (presented at “Karuna and Swami Shraddhananda join with ISD”) Karuna has been working with the founders of Light on Light for seven years.  She has been a part numerous of the initiatives and events, especially with the United Nations community, that led to the founding of this Light on Light family of magazines, and helped vision its creation.  She has also been an ongoing Host of the group’s Convergence series on VoiceAmerica (

We’re pleased to note that the magazines have had over 150,000 readers and the VoiceAmerica program some 100,000 listeners.  As of 2020 we enter a whole new era of success for both the magazines and the VoiceAmerica series.

Karuna has been on the cover of two issues of Light on Light, issues which have also included inspiring information about her life and work.

In issue 1 there was a special feature on her life (pp. 35-51 [especially. the right column and links on page 51).  Magazine metrics showed that thousands of readers checked out her life story and all the links where her work is featured or remembered).   Issue 1 and 3 also included illustrated Yoga Sessions with Karuna, further connected to her Yoga Ap.

Karuna has also been key to the magazines partnership for annual special issues with the Committee for the International Day of Yoga at the United Nations.

She was also key to the assembly of global change-agents featured in Light on Light‘s special issue CHANGE MAKERS in 2019

These relationships will continue and are so important for the future, where spiritual practice and lifestyle are so key to how our global civilization learns to emphasis well-being and wholeness at the personal, regional, national and global levels.  Light on Light has been part of connecting so many people around the world who share these values and objectives!

Enjoy the magazines and VoiceAmerica on a regular basis!  All issues of the magazines are at both and and at

We’ll keep you informed!