Heart Opening Meditation Series


Series of 6 Classes
Starting Tuesday, May 3 at 9:00 am
The Integral Center | 2805 Broadway Street | Boulder 80304

Heart Opening series of special meditations, nutrition and diet considerations to deepen your Yogic practice and elevate your vitality! Gong layout to release fear and Spring into a New You!

We are in a place of deep awareness where we spend our time to go within and feel safe doing so. This is truest form of what Yoga is meant to be.

We are in a place of seeing that the problems exist and that we need to take part in this awakening and support each other and our Communities. Stop the chatter from the EGO and the gossip from the insecurities and start to hear what each of us feel and say to one another, staying in complete flow, non competitive, as we see it doesn’t work and it back fires. Waking Up and Growing Up is essential NOW!!!  

Come practice with complete and active participation to change these ways individually in group consciousness we build together.. together!  We can find these opportunities to go deeper into practice and facilitate this for ourselves…and for youthful ones, to help them along a path of forgiveness as well! Let’s bring peace back to Boulder, the way I saw Boulder when I was a teenager!

All it takes is YOU! Sat Nam!


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