Healing Earth, Healing Self Weekend

Healing Earth, Healing Self Weekend
July 25 | Aspen Chapel

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So often we begin with a desire to make a difference, but never quite manage to follow it through into action. How do we make that difference, and how do we do it sustainably?

A 1-day conference at Aspen Chapel featuring 5 interspiritual speakers as part of the Roaring Fork “Healing Earth, Healing Self Weekend.”

Karuna will discuss Bringing Sacred Breath into Our Daily Life.

Kurt Johnson and his co-presenters will be presenting a path that takes us from our spiritual practice to an experience of Social Responsibility.

Using Body, Mind and Spirit techniques from across all the major world religions they will enable us to experience how a fully developed spiritual practice naturally turns us towards compassion and social responsibility for our planet and our fellow human beings.

Suggested donation $30.