Global Spirituality, Sacred Earth, and World Shift

Music, Celebration and Town Meeting: Can We Make The Leap?
with leaders in the Interfaith-Interspiritual, Sacred Earth, Integral, and United Nations NGO Community

June 10, 2014 | 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
The StarHouse, Boulder, CO

We are at the dawn of a new consciousness, one that will transcend the past cultures of fragmentation and isolation…This work will be the task of an emerging “Interspiritual Age,” made possible by a new set of historical circumstances. — Wayne Teasdale, Interfaith and Interspiritual pioneer

We live in a time where not only are individuals discovering the uniqueness (and unique importance) of their own spiritual path and practice, but the world itself is becoming more and more aware of:

  • Sacred Earth (the fundamental need to sustain our planet with a rich living environment)
  • An Emerging Global Spirituality (as our planet inevitably goes global and multicultural)
  • The necessity of a profound World Shift (if we are to avoid calamities from a number of global cultural and climate related challenges)

This program brings together spiritual teachers and leaders from across the world’s interfaith and interspiritual, eco-spirituality and eco-activist, and global sustainability and social and economic justice communities for a rich evening of mind and heart sharing on the possibilities and necessities of World Shift.

Music by Kate Spear

kate_spring2014_020_web-2Kate Spear is a kirtan singer and RYT-200 yogini from Boulder, Colorado who has spent a lifetime on a path of conscious awakening.

In addition to her integrated journey of transformation, she brings with her a 10 year journey in an ashram where she awakened her heart through the path of yoga and chanting. Her voice is said to stir the depths of the heart and directly transmit an experience of inner divine love. Kate is passionate about bringing the gifts of singing and chanting into everyday living.


Colin Bigelow: Integral thinker and personal assistant to Integral philosopher Ken Wilber.

Dr. Rick Clugston: a major architect of the Earth Charter Initiative, co-founder of the Ethics and Spirituality Initiative and the director of the Sustainable Development Program of Forum 21 Institute (a program that works with United Nations non-governmental organizations concerning the UN Sustainable Development Goals).

Dr. Kurt Johnson: co-author of The Coming Interspiritual Age, a “Best Spiritual Book of 2013” on the tasks of world religions and spirituality in Global Shift. Kurt is co-founder, with interfaith/interspiritual pioneer Bro. Wayne Teasdale, of “Interspiritual Dialogue” and its web resource, the Interspiritual Multiplex. See and

Karuna: an international teacher of well-being and transforming the complexities of modern life through the Yoga of Awareness, specializing in Kundalini Yoga, child and pre-natal yoga, and the gifts of the Creative Arts.

Rev. Ken Kitatani: a leader in the Japanese progressive spiritual movement Sukyo Mahikari Centers for Spiritual Development and executive director of the Forum 21 Institute (a research and community outreach association that focuses on consciousness, social justice, new economics and environmental sustainability). and

Rev. Mac Legerton: a Christian contemplative and leader in the Guild for Spiritual Guidance (; Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Community Action in rural N.C., focusing on sustainability, poverty reduction, and social justice (; and National Coordinator of the Eco-Ministries Initiative of the Order of Universal Interfaith (

Rory McEntee: coordinates the Snowmass Interspiritual Dialogue in association with Fr. Thomas Keating and others. He is co-author (with Adam Bucko) of the New Monasticism Manifesto and a forthcoming book from Orbis Books.

Denise Tangney: a Christian contemplative and leader in The Guild for Spiritual Guidance. Her work with the Graymore Ecumenical and Inter-religious Institute promotes Christian unity and inter-religious dialogue in North America. A published poet, storyteller and educator, Denise facilitates women’s retreats working with ancient myths from Native American and Asian cultures. She also organizes Circles of Trust, created by Quaker Parker Palmer, teaching the methods of Active Presence. and

Sponsors include Light on Kundalini, The Global Interspiritual Network, United Nations NGO Forum 21 and the Colorado Integral Community


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