Essentials of Meditation Series

Workshop Series 
Saturdays 1:15 PM to 2:45 PM
Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Gold Hill

A new series exploring essential meditation practices for cultivating a Radiant Heart and Body-Mind of Awakened Light. Along with a light yoga practice, you’ll feel the Radiant Body alive and awake!

Karuna features extended meditations that you can use for a supercharge. Some people choose to use specific meditations as part of their practice each day, while others will use them once a week, or whenever their heart desires. These incredible Kundalini Yoga meditations each have a specific purpose. Perhaps you want to activate your prosperity, strengthen your intuition, open the heart center, or brighten your magnetic field. New meditations will be added regularly. Re-energize, re-charge, and re-challenge yourself to know yourself!

Drop in price on the day is $25.