Principles of Meditation Workshops

BRAND NEW Workshop Series at Rally Sport
Beginning Saturday, March 4
7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

A new series introducing the principles of kundalini meditation for the new millennium. Classes will include yoga asanas with guided meditation. Scroll down for Registration button.

March 4

The Sensory Age and the Sixth Sense

Meditation: Strengthen the nervous system

This exercise will give your nervous system great strength. You have to qualify yourself to be a sensory human.

March 11

Self Sensory System I – Just One Breath

Meditation: Stimulate the pituitary

You do not know how many breaths you have to live. You feel your existence and in that existence you hope that you will breathe again. The moment you feel that your next breath is not in your power, you will have all wisdom.

March 18

Self Sensory System II – Ecstasy and Joy

Meditation: Purify your body and being,

Your breath is your lifegiving force. There is nothing more pure and better than that. Practice to purify. That is the purpose of life.

March 25

Self Sensory System III – Oneness

Meditation: Expand the mind beyond you.

What you see and dream is not reality. What you see in imagination is not reality. What you see in your sensory system is not reality. Your intuition tells you what reality is and you do not believe it. Only the One who manifested you knows.


Workshop fee is $25 for Rally Sport Members and $35 for non-members. Click on the PayPal button below to register. Drop in price on the day is $30/$40.

Rally Sport Member/Non-Member

Cancellation policy: In the event of your cancellation, we will extend credit toward another event or class. We regret we cannot offer refunds.