Essentials of Meditation Workshops

BRAND NEW Workshop Series at Rally Sport
7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

A new series introducing the essentials of kundalini meditation for the new millennium. Classes will include yoga asanas with guided meditation.

Karuna features extended meditations that you can use for a supercharge. Some people choose to use specific meditations as part of their practice each day, while others will use them once a week, or whenever their heart desires. These incredible Kundalini Yoga meditations each have a specific purpose. Perhaps you want to activate your prosperity, strengthen your intuition, open the heart center, or brighten your magnetic field. New meditations will be added regularly. Re-energize, re-charge, and re-challenge yourself to know yourself!

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June 17 – no class

June 24

Reach Out!

Some people are not covered with skin they are covered with ego! They are so well isolated that then they have no friends, no God, no surroundings-nothing but ego. They prevent everything from entering, for they are not humble enough to allow things to come in. that is how they survive.
Remember that you are just a bunch of molecules and cells and that the life of your cells is 72 hours. In 72 hours a person totally changes. Sit and meditate, let your blood flow through the areas of discomfort and disease. You will be treated. You can solve problems by provoking your higher self.

July 1

Let Your Soul Shine

Does anyone remember the basic movement of their own origin? The basic movement of our origin is the movement of the spermatozoa going around an egg eight times and then penetrating it. The influence of this basic movement is forever with us, that is why we cannot be straight by nature. You cater to people who are rich, wonderful, and powerful. You need to cater to the ONE who created great people! Known and Unknown are within you. It can never change. When you live in your ego the Hand of God will not support you.  The mind has three ways it can be-negative, positive, neutral. By your negative mind you will drown, but by your positive mind you will excel.

July 8

Please, Make Your Life Useful!

We plant a rose cutting in the ground,by spring it sprouts, and one day it becomes a beautiful rose plant. We are that little stick taken from the rose plant, a little “I”, from which beautiful flowers may come, and whose scent and color are wonderful. As we extract the rose oil from rose petals, whose fragrance can reach for miles, we flourish in consciousness for I to we, and from we to thou.

July 15

The Journey of Consciousness

Saint and sages found that whether people had wealth or had nothing, they did not find contentment. When sages inIndia discovered the concept of zero, where zero multiplied by zero, becomes zero, it was realized that anything multiplied by infinity becomes infinity. Everyone has limits, but sages realized-we all come from the Limitless.

July 22

Live above Denial

Self-denial is your best and worst enemy. But before you kill the enemy, you should know him, and then all your problems will be resolved.

Some people say things but never come through. People forget they are orbit and axle, not just one or the other. You live indecisively, but you can live above denial, welcome people, and serve the birth of a new millennium.


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Cancellation policy: In the event of your cancellation, we will extend credit toward another event or class. We regret we cannot offer refunds.