The Soul of Success with GuruGanesha

The Soul of Success Workshop
Apr 11 | 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, Gold Hill, CO

Do you have a business of your own or hope to own one someday? If so, join GuruGanesha for this special workshop and learn how to build a successful business based on guiding principles that are in total harmony with your core as a conscious, kind, loving compassionate human being.

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GuruGanesha Band People of Love Tour

GuruGanesha Band People of Love Tour
Apr 10  |  7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Unity of Boulder Spiritual Center, Boulder, CO

Experience GuruGanesha Band LIVE in concert! Their open hearts encourage all to sing, chant, dance and meditate along with them. Those who have experienced the GuruGanesha Band live in concert already know that the group tears down the house while lifting the audience’s collective spirit to a higher plane. They are guiding the way towards a bold and blissful new direction for live mantra music that is perhaps even more necessary for the planet now than ever before.

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Kundalini Yoga Immersive Experience

Join me as I guide you through a 4-week explorative experience of kundalini yoga and meditation.

Gain greater awareness and transform limiting beliefs with this introduction to kundalini yoga. Immerse yourself into this life-changing practice and learn to use kriyas—a mixture of breath, poses, and mantras—to move energy in the body and achieve specific attitudes, mentalities, and behaviors. You will experience just a few of the thousands of kriyas taught by kundalini yoga founder, Yogi Bhajan, that can range from uplifting your spirits to confronting your deepest desires.

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Essentials of Meditation Series

Workshop Series at Rally Sport
Saturdays from Dec 16
NEW TIME – 1:15 PM to 2:45 PM

A new series exploring essential meditation practices for cultivating a Radiant Heart and Body-Mind of Awakened Light. Along with a light yoga practice, you’ll feel the Radiant Body alive and awake!

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Costa Rica Retreat 2018

Becoming a Micro-Community to Feed a Macro Environment

December 1 to 8, 2018

Light On Kundalini is delighted to invite you to our 2018 Costa Rica Retreat lead by Karuna, an Academy Member of the Kundalini Research Institute.

Join us for a week of deep spiritual exploration in the serene and beautiful surrounds of the Blue Spirit Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica. Blue Spirit has been named a Yoga Journal Best Yoga Escape 2017.



We will be breaking down the walls of resistance by going deeper into peace and tranquility through meditation. Inviting new relationships into your life or restoring old relationships into abundance with yourself, your partner, your family. Great for couples.


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